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    Acrobat X is Awful


      I don't want to address this to my 'peers.'  I want Adobe to read it.  Adobe doesn't seem to want to engage with its customers any more, but would rather leave the headaches of problem solving to its users.


      I came to work on a Saturday to catch up, and thought I'd add a few annotations to some drawings with Acrobat.  I had to go online to find where Adobe had hidden the typewriter tool, and just about the time I finished the annotations, Acrobat crashed.


      Why anybody would use Acrobat at all when they have access to Illustrator and InDesign is beyond me.  Adobe must have assigned the "B" (or "C" or "D" team) to developing Acrobat.  I'll never bother using Acrobat again and will stick with Illustrator and InDesign.  At least they work fairly consistently.