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    AMD Radeon Pro 450, 455, 460 supported by Lightroom?


      Hi all!


      Does Lightroom support the Radeon Pro 450, 455, or 460 GPUs built in the new 15" MacBook Pros of late 2016?


      -   Is it possible to enable the use of GPU(Radeon Pro 460) in Lightroom at all?

      -   Or do you get the error message "Graphics processor acceleration has been disabled due to errors"??

      -   How is the performance of Lightroom with enabled GPU?


      There is NO useful report out there telling anything about the combination Radeon Pro 460 GPU and Lightroom...



      Please help!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          here are the requirements, check the documentation for these video cards to see if they meet the requirements



          Suggested system requirements and graphics cards

          • 1 GB of VRAM (Video RAM, or RAM on the video adapter). 2 GB of dedicated VRAM is suggested for large, high-resolution (such as 4K and 5K) monitors.
          • OpenGL 3.3. If you're not sure if your card fully supports OpenGL 3.3, contact the card manufacturer.

          Note: Use only one graphics card. Performance isn't enhanced with multiple cards.