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        R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

        I know they followed up with a bunch of people ... did you contact Kevin-Monahan or RameezKhan about this?



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          davecooperphoto Level 1

          I hear you. I've reached out to Kevin and will likely hear from him soon. This is a big deal and I've suffered some significant losses myself. Recovery software has failed to bring anything back.


          You are not alone in your dejectedness. Not that it helps.


          Good luck,


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            Edit: deleted message.

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              nickmichael Level 1

              (Edited for content).  If it had happened to me to the degree that it burned some of the users who posted here, especially when these things happen to us in the process of being Unpaid Beta-Testers.


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                Jill Woodward Level 1

                Oh my god. It is September 25th. I am reading tonight about a bug that Adobe knew about in May. If I had known about this anytime within the last 90 days, it would have saved me a lot of panic and lost time. I too have had all the media in multiple folders wiped. Photos and video. I almost randomly stumbled on this thread while looking for all my backups and stitching 4 years of projects back together. Some of it will be difficult or impossible to find again. Communications? I did not get the memo. I am absolutely, totally gobsmacked. This is stunning, and there must be more people out there like me who don't jump on every software update, who don't have 11.1.2, and don't know about this. Communications is not working.

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                  This happened to us once back in April. And now its happened twice in 24 hours. At random, it deletes almost entire drives. It happened to me twice. Deleted about 75%. But here heres the weird thing it keeps the folder structure so you don't even realize anything is wrong. How often do you actually check an old project, and old keep sake file? Weeks go by unnoticed. Our solution is to have plenty of complete back ups and have a separate super fast drive only for media cache and video previews. For us,since we work with RED Raw and Pro Res video previews are key to our workflow.

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                    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    PLEASE file a bug report on this!




                    Those go in a tabulated form to all administrative/managerial types.


                    For now, I would suggest if possible ... for the Preferences/Media Cache" tab ...

                    • Do NOT have "Delete cache files automatically" checked
                    • Do NOT have "save cfa and pek media cache files next to original when possible" checked
                    • DO check "Do not delete cache files automatically"

                    And if possible, have your cache files at least in a separate folder-tree from the root of a drive, if not on a separate drive.



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                      KeulerB Level 1

                      Hi Kyle,


                      You MUST upgrade to 2017.2 immediately! Stop using 2017.1!!

                      This issue has been fixed a while back.

                      It was an issue that was recognized too late, but it has been corrected.

                      Also, in case you didn't hear, 2018 has just been released.


                      I would recommend to update to 2017.2 and remove 2017.1. When you're ready and your projects are completed, install 2018.

                      When installing 2018, in the Advanced Options you can check "Keep Previous Version". 2017.2 and 2018 will run fine on the same machine. When you install 2018, your Prefs will migrate over from 2017.2.

                      But get 2017.2 installed asap!


                      Good Luck,

                      Bob K.

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                        KeulerB Level 1

                        On June 13th, Patrick Palmer, Product Manger for Premiere posted this:


                        Quick update: 11.1.2 went out this morning. Here's the blog post listing all the improvements and fixes that went into this release:

                        Premiere Pro 11.1.2 available today – critical update, highly recommended | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

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                          markm98896402 Level 1

                          In Sept of 2016 I subscribed to Adobe CC to edit a major documentary project. That next spring an Adobe update wiped my project drive. (as reported to this thread) I had a back up but still lost XX hours of work (my cost $4K).  We were committed to a large film festival that week and we had to show an old back up version. That was a big professional hit for me.  Adobe managers in Germany (Patrick J Palmer) and on the west coast (Laura Argilla) called me to say how sorry they were. I soon found they had given me free access to the CC suite.  I finished my Documentary editing in the Fall of 2017 and kept access to the CC suite. 


                          Around January Adobe said I needed to re-up my (now free) subscription. This turned out to be a new separate subscription. After a long time on chat with Adobe I got them to cancel both subscriptions and to refund me the two months billed to me. This is only mentioned because it shows customer service is still lacking.



                          My main reason for posting is I would like to communicate with Patrick or Laura again.  They said I should contact them when the documentary is done but my email link is not working now.  Thanks, Mark


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