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    Exporting multiple JPEGS with paths


      Hi, I have a large group of product images/photographs that i need to supply JPEGs to multiple retailers for there websites. These images need to be a specific size based on each retailer's specifications silhouetted on a white background (standard stuff). These images also need to contain clipping paths.


      Now, here is my challenge. I would like to be sure that all similar items appear the same size with the same "baseline" relative to each other so that all the images look clean and organized when they are viewed on the website next to each other. All of my JPEGs already have the clipping paths taken care of. I know i could run a batch action in photoshop to crop or resize the image to the size needed. However this won't help with being able to view the images and resize and move to the "baseline" visually. If I didn't need the clipping paths, I would just import all the images into multiple artboards in illustrator, where i can view them all next to each other, and size and move each image to my desired placement within the artboard. Then export all the artboards as individual JPEGS. Unfortunately these JPEGs will no longer have the clipping paths embedded in them.


      I've messed around in Illustrator, photoshop, and indesign to see if any of them can offer some solution and i haven't been able to figure anything out. I'm hoping someone might have the magic answer to my question. I have any CC program available and I'm very comfortable with AI, PS, and ID since i have always used them the most, but i have no problem working and learning within any of the other CC programs (or I guess they are now calling them apps) if they offer a solution.


      Thank you all in advance.