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    After Effects Crashes When Rendering Ram Preview For Keylight


      I was trying to preview the video where I used Keylight 1.2 to delete the green screen. After a second or two the program freezes and i get a window saying it crashed and it needs to restart.  I am not sure why it crashes every time. I have 13 GB of ram free for it and a GTX 970 Graphics card. Running windows 10 using After Effects CC 2017 and Keylight 1.2. Any ideas why its crashing or how to fix it? Ive closed all other programs, restarted my whole computer and everything and it still doesnt work.  Is it maybe because the video was filmed on my Galaxy s7 and the format or codec is wrong? Its .mp4 i think.  I really need answers in the next day or two becayse this is for a school project due monday (in 3 days).