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    Help with containers

      This is my first time posting for assistance in a forum like this so I will do my best to articulate the problem the best I can.
      I am building a Flash website using AS 2. I have built a couple drop down menus that animate in and out. In these menus I am attempting to make buttons that can be clicked on and will animate in another box of information. As I have it now, you can click on them and the box will animate in. The new box will stay in its location until you roll off of the drop down menu.
      I figure this happens because the button is part of the menu and the new animated box is buried in the button that is part of the larger whole of the drop down menu.
      I have assumed that the solution to get the box to stay there even after the menu is gone is to use a container type feature.

      My question would be,
      1. Is this a correct solution?
      2. If so, where can I learn to do this?

      I am amateur at best when it comes to action-scripting so I do not know what sort of coding information would be necessary to make this sort of function work.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.