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      Hi guys!


      I am experimenting with a script for premiere that imports new versions of vfx shots into the project.


      It all works fine unless the media is coming from a mounted volume or from within the user's home folder.

      The only error I get it that the media may be corrupted.


      I'm using something like the following to bring the found files in:

      app.project.importFiles(vidFilesToImport, 1, targetBin, 0);


      I'm thinking it may be to do with the file paths having spaces or irregular characters


      Any ideas?





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          e.d. Level 3

          Hi Adam,


          I'd almost have written "command line and full, uncut console output missing", but that's in a different forum. ;-)

          What method are you using to select the files prior to your import command? How do you verify the path names?



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            adamt52500139 Level 1

            Hi Erik!


            Thanks for responding to my question.


            The import is basically this:


            (* possibleFile is a var that is set based on the media path of an item in the sequence.)


            var vidFilesToImport = new Array;

            var newitem = File(possibleFile);


            var myFootage = app.project.importFiles(vidFilesToImport, 1, targetBin, 0);




            This IS working fine for media that is on the local machine and not in a place that uses a shortcut like a tilde "~/".

            So filepaths like "/MyProjects/test_01.mov" work fine, however paths like "~/anothertest_02.mov" do not.


            I have done some tests with paths that do contain spaces and they work fine.


            Any ideas?



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              Hi Adam,


              I don't remember if this is something that used to work, but my impression

              is currently system or environment paths are not or not correctly expanded

              by the CEP/ExtendScript engine.

              In conclusion this means the only safe way (afaik) is to use absolute file



              But what about files on removable volumes? You were saying these were prone

              to problems too?



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                Hi Erik,


                Thanks again for writing back!


                Yes the guys are working off a RAID that is connected over thunderbolt to 3 machines. So basically it is mounted as /Volumes/The RAID/.

                I am curious if a File object needs to have some sort of flag or something set to tell Premiere that it is on a Network volume?


                I can't experiment with it until monday unfortunately so I'll just have to try to dig through the documentation I can find



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                  Hi Adam,


                  the issue with this kind of "sharing" is Thunderbolt, as a direct

                  attachment method, is not designed to be connected to multiple machines

                  because the protocol doesn't which one is the master (r/w access), and

                  which one is a slave (read-only). This can cause all sorts of trouble.

                  Simple test: Do you encounter the same problem when only one machine is

                  accessing the external RAID?

                  If not, it will be more feasible to mount it directly to one machine only,

                  share the folder on this machine, and have the others access the share via

                  Thunderbolt network, but not directly.



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                    Hi Erik!


                    Yes i think the guys have it setup like that - the volume is shared over the network from one of the MacPros using TCP over thunderbolt i think.


                    I think there must be something else funny going on