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    Creative Developers Summit


      Hi all! Chuck Weger, Jim Birkenseer and I are trying to mash together an interesting schedule for the Adobe-sponsored Creative Developers Summit on May 26, in Atlanta, Georgia.




      We'll have quite a few Adobe people there to interact with, plus a real 'who's who' in Creative Suite Automation will be attending.


      We'll hear about Adobe's plans and roadmap for extensibility, and how they intend to improve the developer experience. We also have sessions on how to automate building, CEP tips and tricks, we'd like to have some discussion around ExtendScript Toolkit which is a pain point for a lot of us...


      If you're involved in automating (as a scripter, developer, user of scripts...) you ought to be there!


      We're currently looking for ideas - anything that we should also try to cover on this day? The more people we can get there, the more weight we can put in the scales when talking to the Adobe guys... Any ideas, please put up for discussion, or alternatively, email me at 'kris at rorohiko.com'.


      Also, on the evening before the 26th, we'll have the CreativeWOW! event, where propellerheads like most of us get to show off some weird, wonderful, funny, useful or interesting bit of automation/development/script/font/... to the audience present. It's all good fun - nothing commercial, just that we want to "wow'em". If you have anything you would like to show in a brief blitz-presentation please let us know ASAP! If we're short on sessions we'll have Chuck play his nose-flute for the duration. To be honest, it's not bad - it's not quite Gheorghe Zamfir - but not bad, but I'd rather watch some interesting stuff instead.


      Any ideas, questions - kris at rorohiko.com (replace 'at' with @)