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    Adobe issues with my new MacBook Pro with Sierra


      I just moved into my new MacBook Pro laptop, moving all my files from a 2007 MacBook Pro.  I love it... however, I noticed, that any time I opened my Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 program, it crashed. 

      Meantime, I got a year subscription for Photoshop CC.  Any time I open it, the mouse doesn't work, for about 5-10 seconds, then it's fine.


      I figured, my old Adobe Pro 8 is the issue, so I got rid of it, and bought a new one from Office Depot and downloaded it.  Unfortunately, the product key does not work, Office Depot is working on the issue, but meantime I'm using the free trial version.  Today, a window popped up reminding me to register the product, and voila, I lost my mouse again.  I could not do anything until the window went away.


      It seems like all my mouse issues are related to Adobe.  Does anybody have similar issues?


      I'll post this on the Apple forum as well.