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    My first computer build (Ryzen).  How should I organize hard drives for Premiere?

    johnb26924339 Level 1

      So I've been wanting a video editing station for a long, long time and have finally been able to put a computer together. I finished it today, and have just fired it up for the first time. I'm running a Ryzen 1800x, 32 GB Ram (DDR4 3000), 760 GTX. I have a 500GB SSD and twin 2 TB HHD drives (X370-PRO mobo). Using Windows 10 and holding out to see what the new Vega card will do so just using my old gaming card for now.


      I am completely new to all of this (building it was not easy for me and took about 3 days to complete). I have no idea how to do all these RAM/GPU optimizations (yet) and I don't even understand what overclocking is just yet.  But.. all of that later. I'm just letting you know I'm green like Kermit.


      Right now, I'm just interested in the best way to organize my video workflow. I fly drones and have a lot of 4K video I want to edit (mostly Premiere right now but I think I'm going to finally get an Adobe subscription for all products as well). Can someone suggest the optimal way for me to install Premiere using the 3 drives that I have?  Do I just install to the SSD, use 1 HHD for editing and the other for rendering?  Any system optimizations that you might offer to someone brand new to this?


      Thanks so much for any/all advice.