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    Lightroom CC installs on a different disk than my OS disk


      When I first install lightroom and photoshop all works fine, today lightroom starts crashing, do whatever I must but nothing works so uninstall it and reinstall again, but I can't find the installation on my disk C\:, it install thru creative cloud tool in my E\: disk, I forget that after instal LR and PS, some months I think, install bridge but in my E\:, and now LR is in a non-OS disk, no problems so far, but I like to ask to some guru, have problems in the future?, and the second one, as Creative Cloud tool don't ask where I want to install my products how I return to C\: my lightroom installation?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Carzet,


          You can change the location by going to the preferences of creative cloud desktop app.

          Open Creative cloud desktop app >  Click on the gear sign on the top right > Preferences > Creative Cloud > Default Location.


          As far its working fine, then there's no problem however if you install any plugins to Lightroom that might go head and install on the default disk, so you need to change the location for any plugins which are related to Lightroom.