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    text and border format/filter questions

    shintashi Level 1
      What I'm trying to do:

      1. make a textbox with a fill color, and a white beveled (rounded edges) border,

      2. make white text with glow filter and shadow filter.

      I removed the filter code because it didn't work at all, but here it is for reference. I didn't try a shadow filter yet because the glow filter crashed.
      import flash.filters.GlowFilter;
      var color:Number = 0xFFFFFF;
      var alpha:Number = .5;
      var blurX:Number = 10;
      var blurY:Number = 10;
      var strength:Number = 3;
      var quality:Number = 7;
      var inner:Boolean = false;
      var knockout:Boolean = false;
      var text_filter:GlowFilter = new GlowFilter(color, alpha, blurX, blurY, strength, quality, inner, knockout);

      MyTextField.filters = new Array(text_filter);


      The mess I currently have: