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    Domain search box in muse?

    usmana17097378 Level 1

      How can i add a domain search box in muse?

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Do you want to search on your domain for content on your site or do you want to search crosswide on all domains?

          All I could find was this fro a 3rd party widgets


          Does this help?


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            I have the same question as the starter here.. (i think)

            i have created a site in Muse, and then exported to Html

            Then the files are in a "root folder"  - where the index-page and the other pages are placed.

            my "problem" is that i need/want a function to search in those pages.

            Maybe a search-box on the main page, or template.


            The site is not uploaded on internet, but just using it localy on my computer, or shared folders on a small network.

            Therefore i dont think i can use any "google-based" search.


            Is it any widgets or other things that can help with this ? 


            Or is it possible to create a short html-code/script i can add to the page after its exported.   That creates the serach-box.

            (i know i probably have to add that code after every time i export the page)


            Hope someone knows a little about this.

            I think its strange that a program as Muse, dont seems to have this already, Search is a very common funktion i think.

            But..  i have just started with Muse..  so i have no idea whats possible



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              R_R Level 1

              Hi.. thanks for your quick answer.


              I took a quick look at the link..


              - The Swiftype-box - seems its priced pretty heavily .. (reading the comments below on that page)


              - The  Google Custom Search - this seems like you have to have your site online to use this.  ?  it says.."We recommend you search the entire website, so just enter your domain as usual"

              But my site is only local.. so i dont have any www-adress.


              - The IDX and MLS Feeds  - Have to look more into that.  have no idea what it is or how it works. .  Maybe something there can be helpful.


              But.. i will read the results more carefully.. and see if i can use something there.

              thank you

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                You might also want to look at Cludo for your search needs. Disclaimer I am the CEO there. We are priced from199$/month so we are a premium product, which can help you both with a relevant search and search analytics.