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    Help wih masking

      I need help with a masking problem.

      When i try and mask a new line, as shown in the flash video bellow, the previous masking layer will over mask the new line. How can i stop this from happening and is their an easier way to do this. I have never used flash before so open for any suggestions. (The flash animation purpose is to scribble out the bar code) Also just pay attention to the 3 lines being drawn in the first part of the video nothing else, i just didnt clean the swf up before i posted.

        • 1. Help wih masking
          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          For the amount of masking you appear to be doing, there may be an easier way, without them. It still involves frame to frame animation. What I have done in the past for "handwriting" effects is to take the finished thing and copy it to the next frame and remove a small piece, then copy that to the next frame and remove a piece from it....and so on, until you remove the last bit of it. Then all you need to do is reverse the frames and it will appear as though it is being drawn/written.