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    Lightroom Upgrade Version for Lightroom bought with Samsung Camera




      a few years ago I bought the Samsung NX300 which was sold with Lightroom 4. I am using Lightroom since that and recently found out that

      Lightroom 6 can still be bought on adobe.com seperately, meaning without monthly paying for Creative Cloud.

      I would now like to buy and download the upgrade version of Lightroom 6 on adobe.com for 73,78€ because as I mentioned I already own Lightroom 4.

      My question is if I can buy just this upgrade version for my version of Lightroom 4 to be able to use Lightroom 6 because I bought my current version

      bundled with my camera which is clearly printed on the CD ["To be bundled with Samsung Digitasl Cameras Only. Not to be sold seperately."].

      But I have a regular serial number with which I registered my version of Lightroom on adobe.com and if I am informed properly this should be enough

      to be able to use the upgrade version after buying though I am not sure about that.

      I really don't want to buy the upgrade version and then not being able to use it and therefore I hope you can help me.


      Thank you in advance.