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    2 Questions about Creative Cloud storage space

    acresofgreen Level 4

      I hope someone can help me with the following questions:

      1. Where can I see how much of my allotted storage space has been used up?  The Adobe website is very confusing to me and I find it hard to find anything :-(   I logged into my account (I have the Photography subscription that contains only Photoshop and Lightroom), but I only see the information that the subscription includes 2 GB of storage space. (As far as I know that is the same is for a free account.) I also looked in the Creative Cloud app on my desktop and can't find my usage information there either. I realize that I am certainly overlooking something obvious :-(


      2. Is it possible to direct link to images stored in the Adobe Cloud so that when I link to them the images appear in forums? I have several sources for free storage (including Microsoft and Apple), but none seem to make this possible. If it isn't possible, can anyone recommend a good service?  I started out using ImageShack a few years ago because it was a free service with  advertising and limited storage, but they suddenly switched to a subscription model which I felt I had to subscribe to in order for my existing images not to disappear. I have paid for an ImageShack subscription for a couple of years, but always with a bitter taste in my mouth because I felt they were holding me hostage by this bait-and-switch tactic. My subscription needs to be renewed in April and I have come to the point where I would prefer to pay some other (honest) company rather than continue to support ImageShack. At the same time, I am already subscribing to services from Adobe, Apple and Microsoft and wish they would give me the direct link functionality in return.


      Thanks for any advice you can give me.