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    Automatically changing back to default tools?

    Karen Gillan Level 1

      I just got the latest photoshop update (and also update my OS to Sierra) and now I'm having an issue where every time i change (using keyboard quick keys) from the Move Tool to a tool that I had not at the default setting, it changes back to the default setting for that tool.

      For example. if i'm using polygonal lasso for a project and need to switch back and forth from polygonal lasso to move, every time i hit "L" to change back to the lasso it will automatically change to regular lasso and then I'll have to "Shift+L" to bring myself back to polygonal lasso.

      I think this is only happening when I change from the Move Tool, but it's super annoying because I use the move tool so much. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening and to just keep the previously used tool?