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    lightroom 6 versus lightroom cc -- also simultaneously using two installations

    dtbain Level 1

      Dear all,


      Since raw pics from my canon 77d can't be handled by my Lr 5, and since adobe dng converter 9.1 can't be installed on Mavericks, I had better either update my mac os or my Lr or both! I think I'll do the latter first, and I hope you don't mind if I ask some questions to help this go smoothly.


      My main question is about which of the following is better for my needs: Lr6 as a standalone (about £100) or as Lr-cc, part of Create Cloud Photography Plan (about £120 annually), which also includes photoshop etc.


      Specific questions ...


      1. I take it that with CC, as with standalone Lr6, I don't need to be online whenever I am using the application? In other words, I guess, the applications lives on my HD, yes, whichever way I go?


      2. I currently have Lr 5 installed on my two macs; and sometimes my wife uses it to edit pics in one catalog on one mac, and I *simultaneously* use it to edit pics in another catalog on the other mac. They are family pics, and we merge the catalogs afterwards. I got the impression from someone a while back that, while CC can be installed on more than one machine, with a single license, it would (somehow?) NOT allow my wife and I to have the two installations open at the same time, thus preventing us from simultaneously editing different catalogs that we later merge. Is this right? It would be a big problem for us if so. If it is right, does the same apply to the standalone version? (I have to say, if my wife and I were offline when editing, I can't see how either version of Lr could *tell* we were using the installations simultaneously.)


      3. I am unlikely to use the other apps packaged with CC (like photoshop) but is LrCC superior to standalone Lr6? I remember shortly after LrCC came out it getting a de-haze slider (and black and white sliders even in local adjustments) that Lr6 apparently lacked? Is that still the case? Are there other differences?


      4. Whichever I go for, is Lr6 an improvement on Lr5? I guess if not, I could stick with 5, upgrade my OSX, which I should do anyway before too long, and then I can use dng converter to convert my canon 77d shots.


      5. There used to be specific upgrade versions of standalone Lr, for those who already had the preceding version, and academic discounts; I take it neither exist anymore?


      6. Finally, since my wife and I use the same pre-sets, I somehow located these in a shared dropbox folder and use symbolics links so Lr on each of the two macs could access them. Will I need to do all of this again when I install Lr6, or will it leave all that in place.


      So sorry for all the questions, but answers to any (or links to answers already on the forum) would be wonderful.


      Very many thanks in advance


      All best