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    how to access timeline when html5 video is played in adobe animate cc


      hi every body..

      I've searched long time...

      I 'm working on html 5 canvas project using adobe animate cc. I 've mp4 video on the timeline and I have some content on the timeline.

      The question is How can I make the timeline start playing when I click  on the play button of the video ??


      I've used the following, but it did not work...

      var pos = 0;

      // Assign an ontimeupdate event to the video element, and execute a function if the current playback position has changed

      vid.ontimeupdate = function() {myFunction()};


      function myFunction() {


        pos = Math.round(vid.currentTime*24);

        // where 24 is the current frame rate

        inputTxt.value = pos;