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    Cannot export images from PS cc 17 (Help)


      Hi, I don't seem to be able to use, Quick export as PNG, export, or Generator. There is no way to get images out of photoshop.


      Everything I've tried does nothing. If I open the export dialogue box the image area is blank. If I use quick export it does the 'save as' bit but then nothing happens. This seems to have only just happened.


      This seems to have only just started happening.


      I've tried reinstalling, clearing preferences etc but this hasn't helped.


      Can anyone suggest anything, or has this happened to anyone else as a result of the latest update that happened a couple of days ago (Windows 10 64bit)


      This is obviously bad news for me as I'm in the middle of a work project that needs me to export images created in PS.


      Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated, at this point, I'll try anything.