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    Coldfusion Hosting Partners - Obligations


      My question is whether or not hosting companies listed as 'Partners' have agreed to any terms and conditions - do they have any obligations?

      If so, what are they?

      If so, and they are not living up to them, who do I talk to/email at Adobe?

      I ask here, because I got no where on the phone with Adobe.


      I ask because I am using one, and I have a serious issue.

      Shared server environment

      Currently running CF 10 - productversion is 10,0,13,287689 - released 4 years ago

      The latest CF 10 update is 21, released over 7 months ago.


      Aside from all of the security patches, I need at minimum update 18 - released over 16 months ago,

      to resolve an issue with https calls that are currently not working, despite using keytool to add certificates to cacerts


      I requested CF update. Their platform team is "working on it", no ETA.


      Further, I asked this question:


      My question to management was why updates are not applied in a timely fashion -

      the current update (10) on the site was released 4 years ago

      there have been 11 updates released since then - which have not been applied


      the minimum update (18) that I requested was released over 16 months ago

      the latest update (21) was released over 7 months ago.


      and this one:


      I am trying to understand what your internal procedure/process is for

      1) receiving notification from Adobe that there is a coldfusion update released

      2) doing whatever you need to do to test the update released

      3) applying the update to all of the shared servers running cold fusion


      The responses I receive back are:


      We are actually working for possible upgrade with our testing lab along with our vendor, unless and until we are so sure with possible suitable platform works withlatest update we might not proceed with this.


      Meanwhile if you really wanted to have the latest version, we can only suggest you to have CF VPS environment/plan, as you will be able to control your own CF updates.


      Our platform team is currently reviewing it as informed you earlier. There is no ETA but when it will be scheduled, we'll surely let you know.


      We do have internal procedure to upgrade any platform on shared server.


      Obviously, their 'internal procedure' needs some help if they haven't applied any CF updates in 4 years.


      Response from community, and Adobe staff would be much appreciated.


      I am currently using one of the Coldfusion hosting partners listed here: ColdFusion hosting partners | Adobe ColdFusion family

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          WolfShade Level 4

          Not sure what to suggest as far as their responses go.  That's pretty lousy.

          You don't indicate precisely which of the partners you're using for hosting.  If I may suggest, I am using Hostek for my hosting and I absolutely love them!  No BS, quick to respond to email requests for support, always by the phone when I call, and up to date with at least 99% uptime.  And I'm using shared hosting, so it's not too expensive.





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            martiehen2 Level 1

            I was trying to avoid being specific about the hosting partner, because not sure how many of them even offer a shared hosting plan (sandbox). There is no question that we will be changing host sites, probably going to VPS. Considering AWS as well. It's just bad timing to move at the moment, getting ready to launch major release upgrade. Thanks for sharing your experience with Hostek - I will put them in the mix.

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              Neo Rye Level 1

              Just move to AWS. You get the benefit of $12 domains, great DNS, free - auto renewing ssl certificates, various os options, various resource options, various drive options, application firewalls, load balances, and only pay for what you use. You can be up and running in LTE to a day.

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                Steve Sommers Level 4

                +1 Hostek


                I've also used AWS, but not for CF hosting. If you are more hand off and just want inexpensive and reliable hosting, I recommend Hostek. If you like getting your hands dirty and full control, AWS is a great choice.