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    Exporting a 2-color image from PS opens as multi-color image in other programs

    Mike123454321 Level 1

      I received this image as a jpeg file from a customer who wants me to make some stitch files for him (machine embroidery).  The software for the stitch file basically reads the number of colors in the image and assigns a thread color to that image so it is very important to reduce the colors to the minimum (in this case 2) so that the stitch software interprets correctly.  Ideally, there would be just two thread colors here - blue and white.  I opened the original 256 color jpeg in PS, indexed the image to reduce the colors to 2 and exported the files (legacy format) as a 2-color PNG which is the first image below.  Seems easy enough but when I open this image in the stitch software it shows 64 colors (second image below). 


      So PS shows 2 colors before I export but the file seems be exporting as 64 colors and those extra colors are blended shades of blue and gray.  The stitch software can combine these colors in an attempt to get the thread count down to 2 colors of blue and white (which is what I did in PS previously) but the stitch software is rather brute force and reducing the color leaves jagged edges which shows up in the final embroidered product (see zoomed image)


      What have I done wrong?  Why is my export of 2 colors showing up as 64 colors? 








      64 colors.JPG


      64 colors zoomed.JPG