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    Crashes after every import


      I've been using Lightroom on both Mac and PC for a while now and hadn't encountered any big issues until now.  For the last week or so, every time I import photos to Lightroom...the program crashes due to an "unknown error" but if I reopen it, and try importing a second time...it seems to work.  I'm currently running CC 2015.10 (the most up to date version) on my PC and I have it fully registered with my Creative Cloud account.


      I have a custom built PC with specs that can easily handle lightroom, but this keeps happening.  Yes, I've already uninstalled and reinstalled and even tried the previous version...and this keeps happening.  Is anyone else having this issue or can anyone suggest a fix?


      PS:  I have the same version of Lightroom on  my Macbook Pro and it's not having issues during/after import.