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    Plug-ins suddenly stop working on LR 6 with my MacBook Pro


      Can anyone help? My editing plug-ins for LR 6 have stopped working. They no longer open, or can be accessed, with LR 6.


      I'm sailing along flipping back and forth between LR 6 and a handful of plug-ins for editing, when suddenly LR 6 fails to open up the plug-ins. I've made sure the plug-ins are all up and running in my plug-in manager, but no matter which plug-in I try to use, LR fails to open the plug-in.


      I didn't change a thing, just plug-ins no longer function. I use these extensively, so any help would be seriously appreciated.


      If it helps, here is the message I get from LR 6 when I try to use a plug-in via File - export with preset which only shows my favorite tool, HDR Efex Pro2


      To access my other plug-ins, I go to Photo>edit in> and I get the shadows screen shown below; none of my plug-ins showing as active and working, despite them showing up as installed and running in my preferences. Maddening!! Was working fine until this morning.....


      Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 12.58.01 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-22 at 1.03.48 PM.png


      Message was edited by: Rob Wilson Also, here is the menu I get for my plug-ins when I try to use "edit in" in the Photo drop down menu - all gray, none active to connect with, despite all of my plug-ins showing as installed and running.