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    Digital Prepress Workers: Mixed Color & Crop Marks - Handling [Registration] black

    iflo Level 1

      Digital prepress workers! I'm looking for you!




      Forward - I do know I can convert color per page in Acrobat, this is not efficient. Neither is the CropMarks script or master pages due to the diversity of projects. I'm looking for efficiency as equal to the native offset and frankly, I have to figure this out again for Acrobat itself. I did look into a script called "Rhimposition" but it is not well suited to american workflow and it doesnt seem updated for the newest CC


      If you're not a digital prepress worker, this isn't a slight against offset, it's just that digital print now represents nearly if not over 50% of the market. Yet, digital process prepress workers are still made to do workflow efficiency killing workarounds so the Adobe can continue to preference offset print workflows. Primarily, by not offering digital process workers an option either in "Preferences" for ID wide, or at least in "New Document" dialogs or the "Marks and Bleeds" dialogs in Print or Export windows, for per project optional 100% K over [Registration] black on printer marks or most importantly crop marks.


      My hope is that other digital prepress workers have perhaps a post output PDF workflow, Adobe internal sub file editing maybe, a post output the conversion of (specifically) [Registration] black to 100% K that minimizes this necessity to at least as few as steps as possible or, I hope, to as little steps at the offset workflow people get. Please post them here if you have them.