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    A.Dig.Editions 4.5 Question: Will the books take up space on my hard drive?

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      I want to understand the full functionality of Adobe Digital Editions. I only downloaded it because I was required to in order to borrow electronic books from

      http://ebookcentral.proquest.com.library.sheridanc.on.ca/lib/sheridanc-ebooks/search.actio n

      The above link cannot be accessed because you are required to be a student but I have made screenshots.

      Please tell me what this exactly means:

      image 1: screenshot #1 - adobe digital editions.PNG


      image2: (after downloaded adobe digital editions)

      screenshot #2 - adobe digital editions.PNG


      My Question:

      I understand that this may be a silly question but I have very limited space on my hard drive. I would like to know if these books will take up space on my hard drive. If I have the book borrowed for 14 days; after 14 days it becomes inaccessible;


      So the following comes up when I 'open' a new book that has been downloaded:

      screenshot #3 - adobe digital editions.PNG

      I want to know what is going on when it says "downloading content".

      I plan to download or borrow many books 3 months from now for research but I want to know how to properly delete them if I have to in order to get my hard drive space back.



      All responses are appreciated

      Take Care,