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    metadata URL privacy


      This seems like a really silly question, but are there any privacy concerns that I should know about with my image's url that's shown in metadata?  For instance, when sharing photos to public social media sites, can the image url in metadata link strangers to my personal pc or Lightroom acct? I tried to internet research this but found nothing. Furthermore, can I hide the url in metadata? Or should I just leave it viewable?


      Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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          So far as I know, no URL appears in the metadata of an image exported from Lightroom, unless you have chosen to put it there, in the IPTC section for instance, and it would be the URL that you have written out. I can't imagine why you would insert there the URL of your Adobe account (which requires a password anyways).  After the image has been uploaded to a social media site, the only URL involved would be the address of the site's page in which the image is embedded and would not lead anywhere else. It would be in the page metadata, not the image metadata. Some sites allow the poster the option to show a link to another site, such as a personal web site, but again, this is at your discretion and not written to the image's metadata.