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    How to make text appear from logo


      Hey Guys,

      Thankyou in advance to anyone that can help. Essentially i want my text to slide from the logo and create it as an outro. I was looking at trying to create something similar to GoPro. I have attached the video link if you do not understand what I mean:

      GoPro HD Hero 3 Intro 1080p (With Download!) - YouTube

      I am new to after effects so would you mind going through all the steps including what i need to click, drag etc. as it will be a great help.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can do that with nothing more than masks, layers and position animation. To learn how to set keyframes and use masks start here: Basic AE.


          AE is different from any other app you have ever used and unless you spend at least a couple of hours learning how compositing and animation works you'll just be wasting your time.


          You can also use the search help field at the top right corner to find help animating masks or using other effects. Just type "masks, press enter and study up.