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    Playback and rendering very slow on new Ryzen 7 1700 build

    Atrius2409 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I hope someone can help me with the issues I've been having.
      Recently I build myself a new rig with these specifications:


      CPU: Ryzen 1700 (no overclock present)
      GPU: Asus Strix RX 470 4GB

      RAM: 2 x 8GB Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX @2666Mhz
      Mobo: Asus Prime X370-Pro
      SSD: Samsung 960 256GB <--- Where I edit my footage from


      Latest Adobe Premiere Pro CC build is installed




      I made a new project (about 1 minute length) with test footage in the .R3D format, and tried to export that footage with some color correction applied and some basic video transitions in between. The playback was pretty awful and would stop half way most of the time. I was using GPU acceleration (openCL) the entire time and the playback was choppy at best. The real problem started to happen when I tried exporting this project using the media encoder program. Encoding this 1 minute timeline took a whopping 45 minutes using openCL, whereas my older intel build with these speccs;




      CPU: i7 4790k
      GPU: intel HD4600 (integrated)

      RAM: 4 x4GB
      Mobo: MSI z97 Gaming 5
      SSD: (Same as the above)

      Latest Adobe PremierePro CC build is also installed



      would do it in 25 seconds, give or take. This was also using OpenCl. I have been running a hardware monitor when I started playback or encoding and it would show me 100% GPU usage all the time with a few percentage dips here and there. The strange thing is that when I use the 'software only rendering' option I have no problems at all. It's slower(1 minute and 25seconds) compared to what GPU accelaration should be in this case as far as I know, but it works.


      Most of my projects require me to have as little rendering time as possible, so what am I doing wrong here?
      Is this a driver issue from AMD's side or something different? Any help would be apppreciated!




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