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    RoboHelp 7 outputs available

      We are contemplating an upgrade from RoboHelp X5 to RoboHelp 7, and I'm trying to research some of the advantages and disadvantages. We converted a few years back from WinHelp (.hlp, .cnt) to Microsoft HTML Help (.chm), because we learned that customers with Vista wouldn't be able to open WinHelp help files. In looking now at the literature for RoboHelp 7, we're a little confused as to whether the program just produces WebHelp and FlashHelp but not HTML Help (.chm). What are the outputs we can produce with RoboHelp 7? Will we have to do yet another painful conversion of all our files from .chm to something else? Going into the holiday season, I don't want to start a 30-day trial at this point to see how the program works/doesn't work. Thanks in advance to all you experts out there.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi ericbe

          RoboHelp 7 produces .CHM output. (Looks like Microsoft got you to swallow the line about WinHelp hook line and sinker, eh? WinHelp lives and breathes in Vista. But the move to .CHM is a good one.)

          Here are the outputs available from RoboHelp 7

          * WebHelp
          * FlashHelp
          * WebHelp Pro (Only works with RoboHelp Server)
          * FlashHelp Pro (Only works with RoboHelp Server)
          * Microsoft HTML Help (CHM)
          * Printed Word output (.DOC/.DOCX)
          * PDF
          * JavaHelp (With a separate add in installed)
          * AIR Help (After you download the free packager utility from Adobe)

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            ericbe Level 1
            Thanks Rick! We swallowed it all right and, as with porcupine quills, the barbs are working themselves ever deeper. The conversion wasn't the hard part; the work was in all the cleanup...
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              I don't get pdf output with RH 7, and right now I am having trouble getting a Word doc. So instead of "available," you might wnat to say "possible (with some file preparation)" ;(