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    Frame Blending Without Changing Speed Or Framerate


      I have a source video that is 30 fps. I would like to keep my output at the same speed and maintain 30 fps. But, I would like to have each frame in the result be a combination (frame mix) of 10 frames from the source. By combination I mean blending/frame mix 10 frames to form a single image.


      Here is a diagram of what I am saying with the resulting frame being a fame mix of 3 source frames. Note that there would be basically the same number of source and destination frames given I was performing this operation of 100+ frames.

      Untitled Diagram.png




      The goal is to achieve an effect similar to what is called Persistence of Vision. This effect would be useful for one of those Persistence of Vision clocks, or for shots of old CRT monitors.


      Thanks in advance!