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    Move to and layers

    jdphotobiz Level 1

      PS to day is being a royal pain


      I have a layer that i have active, pressing 0on the move tool, then trying to move the image on the selective layers causes PS to just to the top most layer on my layer stack. This will happen with any layer below the top layer.


      It reminds me of the old feature of auto select later, with that option you clicked on a part of your image and it would auto select the layer for the part of the image you selected. First I dont even know if PS has this feature any more, as it was wat to easy to select the correct layet. BUT the items i try to select of any image is big enough that you can make that mistake if it were some how switch on.


      I can only more the object but deselecting all the layers above it !!


      Anyone have  any ideas what is going on ?


      TIA John

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          jdphotobiz Level 1

          Ok its still playing up any ideas folks

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            You did not state which version and level of Photoshop for example the last update to CC 2017 changed the move tool options defaults. Adobe changes the way all the time.



            What's changed 2017.1


            • Design Space (Preview) is no longer available in this version of Photoshop.
            • In earlier releases of Photoshop, Cmd/Ctrl+F used to be the keyboard shortcut for reapplying the last-used filter. Beginning with this release, it invokes the Photoshop search experience. If necessary, you can use Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts to reassign keyboard shortcuts.
            • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) is no longer a supported operating system for this release of Photoshop CC.
            • Auto-Select is now the default setting for the layer Move tool. You can revert to the default setting in earlier versions of Photoshop: in the Options bar, deselect Auto-Select and choose Group from the pop-up menu.
            • Layer styles can no longer be applied to artboards. As a workaround, include the contents of the artboard in a layer group and then apply the layer style to it.
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              jdphotobiz Level 1

              Hi JJMack


              Sorry, I was planning to put it was the latest upgrade. but was getting Miffed with PS and for got.


              YEAH back to normal service


              Thank you for your help in resolving my problem, as a side not to the AUTO SELECT is not work as it should. So for  folks that like to use it they have a problem. ME i happy i never use it


              Thanks a againour a star