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    Datagrid Refresh Problem

      (Sorry for double posting, there was a connection error of the site when I clicked Post...)

      After a long search for a solution for my problem, I gave up and decided to open a topic in this forum. I'm working on a flash website where I fill a datagrid component with dynamic data. Above the datagrid component, I have a fileupload component. So when a user uploads a file the datagrid should automatically update and show the newly uploaded file.

      After searching for a long time I thought that I solved the refresh (update) of the datagrid. But after testing I saw that the datagrid didn't update in IE7. After uploading a file, it was not visible in the datagrid. When I cleaned the temporary internet files and logged in again, it was visible again. But what I don't understand is that the refresh problem doesn't occur in Firefox 3 and Google Chroom. They both do it just fine and the newly uploaded file is visible in the datagrid.

      I just couldn't solve this problem. Do you have a solution for my problem?