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    CPU & GPU Optimisation whats best?

    Sam Paramojo Level 1

      Firstly excuse all the pictures, really do need them to get real answers as the main issue is knowing what how Photoshop and my (ones) Graphics setup are really interacting as I really want Photoshop and in fact ALL my applications to both use the CPU and GPU power to maximum effect. More so as like on most laptops, which I am currently working on there are in effect two graphics cards & wondering if Photoshop might get confused.


      Its equally odd that Lightroom has a different default setting within NVIDIA identified apps than Photoshop, considering Photoshops 3D space, I would have thought it would be the inverse. And when trying to select [auto select NVIDIA GPU] for Photoshop, it wont let me, it only allows me to force NVIDIA GPU as the default. The why on knowing how Photoshop will use ones hardware and what setting are going to work best as I am confused? Cheers ALL!




      MySetup005-surely matching LR better.png

      See really ODD I thought Photoshop NOT Lightroom would command such a default, do you recommend defaults to them Adobe?

      MySetup006-surely matching LR better.png

      See now the settings in Photoshop confuse me all the more, as it makes me think unless I force it in the NVIDA settings Photoshop is not going to use my GPU and all the Graphic capabilities to maximum effect and even then I am worried about it only using the GPU and not utilising everything else my system has to offer.


      Changing to force the GPU, Photoshop sees it equally in Camera Raw, but will Photoshop use everything else my system have to offer or just direct everything purely to the GPU?


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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Photoshop tends to choke and crash on dual GPUs. It is strongly recommended (by Adobe) to disable the Intel and use only the GeForce.


          In ACR and Lightroom you can disable GPU altogether. Unless you have a 4K/5K monitor, it causes more trouble than any real benefits. It's certainly not needed for anything.


          Photoshop is really not GPU-intensive. It basically just requires a card that works.

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            Sam Paramojo Level 1

            Thanks Fella. Well me forcing Nvidia, in effect the last pic in the set and it seeing it should to the trick (if so its a bit of a worry considering the default NVIDIA setting goes to the Intel, per what you say about Adobe official advice), why I am still a little confused on the disable Intel.


            I definitely need an external monitor, firstly to see anything properly, secondly for proper colour representation/bigger colour space/gamut and thirdly to run 3D apps also & start doing video blogs and tutorials using OBS on my laptop screen at the same time. Like so many people do.



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              Sam Paramojo Level 1

              Equally in effect the DirectX 12 option is turned off in either, to be able test performance against OpenCL, but turning that off equally leaves it greyed out? P.S I am was equally a High-End VFX/3D/Post tech (started out at Avid on Softimage DS, XSI and 3D), coming back to things on the more creative side, after time out due to disability, why I like to know whats going on under the hood than assume all the more.



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                Sam Paramojo Level 1

                Indeed, It depends what your doing with it, too lovely fella, this is just an initial test with a bunch of merely JPG mirrors of RAWS my Cam took, to test if it was using all my horsepower I threw at it for stitching into a 360 Panorama, thats before full blown 32bit native true HDR stitching and taking that into a 3D Space for some fancy fiddling. And if you can see at this point its soo not using all the CPU power properly thats for sure, need to see if the Cuda tool will let me see what the NVIDIA GPU is up too, or any recommends on a utility for this a real need please.


                P.S. Photoshop is not crashing, thats NOT an issue, on intensive processing it is getting bogged down (still beavering away), due to not using all the computer power however.

                2017-04-19 (5).png

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  You seem to be over thinking things.  I am also not sure how our Dag will feel about being referred to as a 'Lovely Fella'  but thanks for the smile all the same.


                  I'm sure you'll have realized that the option to switch to the onboard graphics is for power saving, but if that is not an issue, set things to always use the GT755M.  It's useful that Preferences > Performance indicates which GPU Photoshop is using.


                  Are you able to use Photoshop's 3D features?  Is Perspective Warp available (not greyed out)? Can you change the brush size by Alt right clicking and moving the mouse?  If those features are all working, then you are good to go.


                  Photoshop graphics processor (GPU) card FAQ

                  Optimize performance Photoshop CC


                  I am not sure if you'll be able to view this link without a Lynda.com subscription

                  Photoshop: Optimizing Performance

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                    Sam Paramojo Level 1

                    Hi Trevor,


                    Yer I am rather lame on the Emoji front, so "Lovely" tends to suffice. Its mainly coming back to things, catch up after time out due to Disability and life stuff (currently looking for paid work). I previously supported Adobe Suite as part of my role when in charge of Creative Services Tech & Ops at Sky, so was hoping a bit more optimisation and crunching might have appeared since then, considering the speed teck moves at and really needing to know the minute one has 3D within an app.


                    And with Aspergers theirs normally method in my thinking, hence the pics might know what a few things do, for hopefully showing this, sorry if I was not clear Trevor (excuse any bluntness).


                    Its was seeing if anyone had any extra nuggets & be great talking to your dev guys at Adobe, might be able to chuck them some insights, than lots of things simply not being officially supported to actually fix them? From my perspective to be able to optimise effectively one has to know what everything is actually doing and monitor that too, yup a feature works, but how well is it actually working. I hope you get my gist.

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                      D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I am also not sure how our Dag will feel about being referred to as a 'Lovely Fella'

                      It blows my whole bad cop image here, but what can I do? I just have to grit my teeth and try to be even meaner than ever...

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                        dimchok Level 1

                        Agree with previous posters, photoshop is not too exhaustive on you gpu, you don't really require a super powerful one.

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                          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                          Sam, a few of us have reasonably high end systems, some built for non linear editing of video with apps like Premiere Pro and After Effects.  They are way more demanding on system resources, and you can actually quantify the effect of your system's GPU using the old PPBM5 set of benchmarks.  You'll need to click to expand this chart, which shows the top twenty odd systems, but the interesting bit are the three columns I have highlighted (definitely not visible without expanding the screen shot or visiting the page from the above link).  MPE stands for Mercury Playback Engine, and I believe uses the GPU differently from Photoshop.  The different times (in seconds) with MPE turned on and off is dramatic to say the least with gains from around ten, to Harm's Monster which shows a gain of 39/1 !!!

                          I never miss a chance to boast that my box is still in 17th place on that table, but they stopped updating the table three years ago.


                          One of the links above is for Pugot Systems, who have dozens of excellent articles revealing real world benefits of one GPU over another for demanding software.  I think you will need to go back a way to find the best Photoshop articles, but they are still relevant.  So for the most part, we try to stay as current as we need to to keep everything working nicely.  For me that just means everything feeling snappy with no lags states.  My entry in the PPBM5 table is dated January 2012 and I am still using that same system, albeit with a GTX970 GPU now, and a bunch of SSDs, but I will be updating this year.   Your GPU dates your laptop at around three years old now, but my laptop uses the previous series NVIDEA card, and is very comfortable using all the CC products.  It seems to me that that's good enough.


                          BTW  I honestly think that all of the regular posters on this forum would feature well up the Aspergers scale, but it would be way too boring to be thought of as normal.

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                            dimchok Level 1

                            Nice, congrats on that!