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    How do i open a puppet file in Photoshop?

    ddd4457147 Level 1

      Hey there..... My name is Devil Dude and im a growing youtuber who wants start streaming with Adobe Character Animator. I made myself a puppet seeing

      oksamurai's tutorial. Then i saw that Dave had uploaded Tips and Tricks for Character Animator for March 2017, in that video he shows us that red monster had

      been rebuilt and i saw that he had a new mouth i really liked , so i tried to download that Red Monster but when i downloaded it , i got in a puppet format. i tried to open it in Photoshop so i can drag that mouth and put it on my character but when i opened it in Photoshop it says the same thing .................

      this is a complaint.png

      Plz help me out by telling me how to open the file in Photoshop