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    Integrate Flex project into j2ee

    gallaharsha Level 1
      I have created a web application in flex. I need to use that application in an already existing j2ee application which is deployed on remote server and run there. So how do i do the integration process. I am not using any blaze ds etc., its a simple application which makes httpservice calls to the already existing j2ee application.

      Thanks in advance...
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          atta707 Level 2
          This would as easy as place released SWF file(s) from your Flex project to your JEE application; along side the JSPs and HTMLs. In the Flex generated SWFs you HTTPService class need to use correct relative or absolute path for the resources -- servlets, JSPs or Strut Actions -- that you'll need to hit to get data.

          And that's it!

          The HTTPService class would call some action on the server that would return the data by writing it to HTTPServletResponse. Just like you'll make AJAX calls from any of your JSPs; a url to hit and function to handle the response from the url.

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            gallaharsha Level 1
            I have created the web application in flex builder without any server config..etc. as the server is remote..so specified server technology: none while creating the application
            Flex builder generated some html file, an swf file, and other files like player..etc..
            So now which file would be sufficient to run my appllication on the j2ee server and do i need to configure anything on the server.

            Thanks in advance