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    Animate-CC HTML content not clickable when not in iFrame.

    Saariko2 Level 1

      Hey all


      I have a rather complex question for the more experienced and knowledgeable people of how the Animate-CC/CreateJS/EaselJS engine works "under the hood", especially how the engine translates DOM mouse interactions to CreateJS interactions.


      Please see a demo I developed HERE.


      Press the play button on the video, and you will see a clickable creative box appearing on top of the video.

      Also note, through the Console, that clicking the box loges two events:

      stage is clicked
      canvas is clicked


      Meaning, both DOM and CreateJS listeners are triggering. Code is:


      this.stage.addEventListener("click", function(){console.log("stage is clicked")});
      this.stage.canvas.addEventListener("click", function(){console.log("canvas is clicked")});


      Now please see THIS. - (Please check on Chrome only).


      Click the >Play button.

      On Chrome you will see the box, but won't be able to click. The Console shows that only the Canvas is reporting a click.

      Note that there are no errors in the Console.


      In both pages, the Animate-CC/CreateJS code is the same.


      Now, granted, I have done a LOT of changes to the way the generated files are structured, and my code is loaded into these 2 different pages, which are structured differently - most noticeable, the first page is "hosting" the Canvas inside an iFrame, while the second doesn't.


      I know this is a long-shot, and this having the creative clickable?

      Bad CSS? CORS issues?

      Anything else I should look into?


      Thanks a lot in advance