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    Slideshow Display Times


      Hi, I have a slideshow that is working beautifully.  My only question is with the display times for each slide.  I am working on an educational site and the first image is simply a group image of instructors.  The following images are of individual instructors and a brief summary of their specialties.  In order to allow time for visitors to read the summaries, I have set the duration for 10 seconds but I would like to shorten the display time of the first image only, the one with no text to read.  The 10 second display time of the original image creates a sense that it is not a slideshow and my feeling is that they may click away from the homepage without realizing there is more information.  I can always redesign the page using the primary image by itself, but I'd rather it be a part of the slideshow if I can shorten the display time for only that one image.  Any help is appreciated.  I am using a Macbook Pro if that helps.  Thank you again.

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          As far as I know, there´s no way to achieve this. One workaround I did (watch Steinmetzbetrieb Bernhard Binder-Animationender beste Steinmtzbetrieb aller Zeiten , for the last three pictures inside my "thumb cinema" I used 5 copies each, so that the user realizes "maybe", the slideshow ends here and starts from the beginning.

          But this "works" only in my case, because the transition time is set to ZERO seconds.

          As soon as you set this time to 0,1 or higher, you might see a white shining. This might disturb your users.

          But this may also depend on your background – mine is set to white, so obviously it is shining through.

          Maybe, if you use a darker colour ...?

          AND, of course you might have to upload too many pictures, depends on how many slideshows like this you need.

          Hope this helps



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            robertd17298258 Level 1

            Thank you.  Nice work, by the way.  I decided to go with the side-by-side option for now but I might try your tip when I have more time.  It's a great idea and would work for me but I'd have to play around for a while to figure out how many instances of the longer duration pics I would need to add to equal 10 seconds.  Also, I'm concerned that it would take so many instances that it wouldn't work smoothly. Does that make sense?  I'm new to this so maybe that shouldn't be a concern.

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              fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, if you want to achieve a smoother transition it could get quite tricky. If you stay with "0" transition time it might be easy, though.

              As I don´t know, which kind of tutorial you show – why not think about a countdown (as a kind of each picture) so the users get an idea, how long it will take to the next?