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    Choppy Previews After Effects CC 2017.2

    mariog66443980 Level 1

      Hi everyone! How are you?

      Well today I come with a problem that is quite annoying, since I update to after effects 14.2 I am presenting a display problems in the timeline I want to play, I have been looking for many issues some solution but nothing, I am already tired with this.


      The problem is that After Effects is not showing me the actual time of the preview, if I make a composition sensilla for example with a layer of text it is seen that when reproducing the frames in real time and with the green line this is shown choppy. .. I have to press many times the button 0 so that it can show me the correct frames, I show an example that you take from a similar forum, you can see that the preview is cut in this composition of 30 frames:




      Another example with 60 frames, is reached to see a little choppy and not in a fluid way:




      Besides that the damn text selection has become very slow, if I want to select the whole text to erase everything or modify something, it is an extreme slowness ... what about this?


      I hope I can help with this, the truth both the selection of text and the preview of anything I do is not showing it in real time, although the information tab says that the frames are executed in real time but in reality It looks choppy.


      Thank you and I await your response