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    Two of same local drive after HDR Merge


      From Lightroom, I merged some photos in Photoshop's HDR Pro. After hunting for quite a while, I discovered that the newly created file is imported into a new (in my case) D: drive. The photo file is in the same folder with the originals, but it doesn't show up in the "original" library folder.


      Two D-Drives.PNG


      I found something online that suggested right-clicking the folder in the copy and choosing "Show parent folder" from the context menu. I did that and it showed "2014" as expected. I right-clicked the 2014 folder to show it's parent and got the following SQL error:


      SQL Error.PNG

      This is a brand new machine with Windows 10 Pro, and the current versions of Lightroom, and Photoshop.


      To make the photo show up in the proper place, I removed the folders from the duplicate D: drive (which caused it to disappear), then synchronized the folder. Voila!