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    Fuji x100f RAF files




      Latest Lightroom running on MacBook Pro Sierra, (all up to date including CC, according to Adobe CC manger), will not open .raf files from x100f. It imports jpgs, but windows pop up saying it could not import raf (raw) files. On the same window it suggests to check for an update, when I do so, another window pops up saying that version check was unsuccessful- suggests that my internet connection is not available or that server containing the version data is not available at this time (internet OK).


      CC app also says all apps are up to date.


      This is has been going on for number of days since I purchased CC "photography package'. PS opens .raf files OK.


      LR version CC 2015 [1014445]

      MacBook Pro: macOS Sierra 10.12.4


      Not sure if ita relevant, but:


      - In LR/Help, updates are greyed out, (I guess LR is up to date?)

      - on my iMac which can only run up to El Capitan, (an old late 2009), running same LR through CC, has no issues uploading the same .raf files into LR.


      Apologies for a long post, buts it is getting really frustrating and I find my self at loss.


      Any help/direction would would be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.


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          borgbob Level 1

          Correction: iMac on El Capitan, seems to be running an earlier version of LR.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            According to the number you posted, you are in fact running Lightroom CC 2015.0. You are not up to date. If your Creative Cloud application manager is not finding the updates you can download the latest update from the following website. But you should also try to get your application manager updated.

            Download Photoshop Lightroom

            You'll find the update under Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6. You only need the topmost update. That update will take care of both Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC. The one update will take care of both.

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              borgbob Level 1

              Thanks Jim. The application manager was downloaded when I purchased the CC, (3 days ago, but checked again), so its up to date. The link you have provided me, the last version of LR is:

              Which appears to be the one I have - isn't that correct?


              Thanks, B.

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                DdeGannes Level 5

                Quote "Which appears to be the one I have - isn't that correct?"

                Yes that is so if you get the same screen capture when you select from the Lightroom menu bar Lightroom > About Lightroom.

                See the screen capture it says LR CC 2015.10 Release - Camera Raw 9.10.

                Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 7.58.18 PM.png

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                  borgbob Level 1

                  OK, I tried to update from the link you have given me and received the following:



                  I am the administrator, and have read/write rights.


                  Thanks, B.

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                    borgbob Level 1

                    also, refreshing CC app manager, (alt+cmd+R), it says all apps up to date:


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                      JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Your images are not posting. If you are trying to do this from your phone, that won't work. You have to post images from a computer, unfortunately.

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                        borgbob Level 1

                        Hi Jim,


                        Sorry time difference, I am in Dublin...


                        Not sure why some images were not attaching. What I was saying is:


                        When refreshing CC app, (alt+cmd+R), it confirms that all apps are up to date:


                        My version says its (in case image doesn't upload again, its: 2015 Release, Camera Raw 9.0)




                        Also, please see above the image that shows that the manual upgrade failed from the link you have given me.




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                          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Uninstall Lightroom. Then install the latest version from the link that was provided above.

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                            SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

                            The current release is 2015.10, whereas that is 2015.0. I'd follow John's advice and completely uninstall and start with the new link from scratch. I've had to do this during this release cycle myself when the CC manager stopped working properly.

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                              borgbob Level 1

                              Thanks Sean & John. I am totally stuck. I have uninstalled all CC apps:




                              I have then downloaded from the direct link the LR dmg:




                              However, when I attempt to install it, (as in a previous post to Jim), I get the failed message. I am full admin on this mac, I have no firewalls or anything that would stop the installation:




                              I have also removed all Adobe files, via CC cleaner tool and nothing has helped.

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                                john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Isn't that an update, not the full program?


                                I think you would be better getting the installer from here -  Download Photoshop Lightroom . Confusingly, the links are just below the line that asks about "how long does it take to download?". You need to click on the >> to expand the line >> Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.

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                                  DdeGannes Level 5

                                  If you have uninstalled the LR 2015.x installed on your computer. You will have to install the Full application of Lightroom CC 2015.0 and after that has been successfully installed then run the Update (patch) for version LR CC 2015.10. You cannot run the update LR  CC 2015.10 without the original Lightroom CC 2015 installed. All the updates are patches.

                                  You can download both from the Link supplied by John.

                                  See the screen capture.

                                  Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 6.15.29 PM.png

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                                    borgbob Level 1

                                    Thanks John.


                                    I figured, I paid for it, so might as well seek support as nothing would work, including, downloading stand alone versions, (with the exception of downloading via CC manage app, but the wrong version).


                                    After over two hours, yes, 2 hours! on the phone and remote access to the MacBook - nice chap "Animish A" after some serious digging through 'root' login, managed to solve it. They had some serious mac heads helping him, but they certainly new where the issue is as they have deleted, reinstalled every Adobe folder within ~/Library, rebuild it, deleted it, renamed it, (.old), deleted it again and dowloaded countless LR and CC App managers, (from links I never new existed). I watched it all, albeit it was an odd feeling sitting and having someone control your screen....


                                    One thing that I have noticed that might be helpful to anybody having similar issues, is that every time they messed within root/~/Library, they kept stopping the Adobe running processes, all of them I think, within Activity Monitor. Also, in my Applications/Adobe folder/ there is now a file that never was there; "{18865CF0-EF4C-5FC9-9B93-55A1E2098A56}.zip" .....


                                    Either way, I have the latest LR version/ Fuji x100f raw files now import into LR!


                                    Jim/John/Sean, Thanks so much for your time.





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                                      borgbob Level 1

                                      and of course Big Thanks to DdeGannes