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    Action Palette Will Not Import


      Hello All,


      Looks like Photoshop CC upgraded to version 2017 from 2015.5. The problem is that I cannot get my action palette from version 2015.5 to show up in 2017. I have tried migrating the presets, but this did not work. I copied the action palette file to the correct folder in the 2017 settings, but every time I close PS, it reverts to the action palette file with nothing but the default actions in it.


      Is there another way to get the action palette file to transfer from 2015.5 to 2017? It is not so much just reinstalling the actions. I had things organized in a certain way and would like to retain this organization.


      Please help!



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What OS are you using? It sounds like your using the wrong folder or you Photoshop Preferences are being reset the Adobe Default. If you copied the Actions palette file into your preferences when Photoshop was not punning. If Photoshop was running when you did the copy  Photoshop would not see that and Photoshop will overwrite what you copied in when you close down Photoshop which well may be Adobe defaults for Photoshop was started with Adobe default settings in place....

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            teendoc Level 1

            Thanks for the response. I am using Windows 10.

            I believe I tried it both ways, copying it when PS was both open and closed. It kept resetting.

            I finally got it to work last night by opening the action palette itself. That placed it in PS correctly. Very strange.


            Thanks for the help!