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    Importing, Drive, and Catalog Issue


      I was in the process of importing some real estate photos into LR today when the pop-up said my C drive was full. This has happened in the past, but couldn't remember what to do. So I looked here, Googled it, and found a great YouTube video that shows how to move your catalog to a different drive and how to connect LR to it once this is done.


      I moved said catalog to my D drive (I have dual drives). When I am in LR, I click on Edit, it shows the lrcat in my D drive in a folder. When I started to import the images again, the pop-up came up again and said the drive I was importing to (C) is full.


      Please tell me how to get these images to import to the D drive so I can get them on my laptop and edit. I have a deadline, of course, which is in a few hours.