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    Pasted Smart  Illustrator smart object into PS is Grey, not black   CS6


      I have some line art on which I copied over to Illustrator and performed an Image trace (black and white).  Soon, I was back in Photoshop and pasted the Vectors in as a smart object.  All looked well.  Then, I noticed something wrong.  If I put a white layer behind the Smart object, the lines look black as it should. But it isn't.  I put a Black layer behind it and it is obvious that the smart object has a Grey color.


      The gray just doesn't work.  I need black color.


      I'm new to Illustrator.  I just got it for the tracing.  The product I am producing seems to be correct.  It at least appears to be all black.  The Opacity is 100.

      The fill and strokes are both black.  I am doing a Black and White trace.  All this at least appears to go into Photoshop properly except the fill color is grey.


      I have not found any settings to fix this.  Suggestions!


      Oh yes.  Its not a grayscale image. Its color, I just have a line layer over top, like a cartoon