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    pen pressure is not working



      i have a Surface 4 pro and i use Photoshop cs 5.1.

      I installed the newest wintab Drivers for 32 and 64 bit.

      In the Photoshop 32bit the Surface pen works with nice pen pressure, but in the 64bit it doesn‘t.


      The customer Service of Microsoft Said i shoud ask Adobe.


      My questions:

      how can i fix the Pen pressure in the 64bit Version?

      And how can i Change the Scaling, the Icons are very Small?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          To scale what is displayed by CS5 you would need to update your Windows registry to support using external manifest files with applications.  Then add a manifest file into both Photoshop version install folder for Photoshop.exe.  32bit and 64bit folders, Then set your windows Display scaling to scale your to display to a lower resolution  so what is displayed will be larger.  At 200% there will be no rounding distortion at settings like 125% 150% and 175% there will be some rounding effects.    Windows scaling makes no distinction between Application Image display and UI display everything the application displays is scaled to a lower resolution by windows.