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    Adobe Fireworks print 3 more copies for nothing

      hello, I have a little problem. I did a design in adobe fireworks and I want him print that I sent to my client. Whatever. When I print, choose to say print only one copy. I don't know why, but even if I choose from the menu to print only 1 copy, fireworks printed another 3 pages. So regardless of what I print, adobe fireworks automatically printed 3 more copies (3 pages) for nothing. I do not know what to do, but hard pisses me off. Can you help?
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          Dave Hogue Level 2
          It sounds like it might be a page size issue - perhaps your Fireworks document is just larger than a single page print size, and the parts that overflow onto additional pages are causing the additional three pages to print. (Did you get one page with you design and three "blank" pages? Or did it print four copies of the same page, all with a copy of your design?)

          A possible work around is to create a PDF of your design then print the PDF. You can export direct to PDF from CS4, then check the PDF to see if you also got 3 extra pages - if yes, just print the "current page" from the PDF to get only your design.

          If you have CS3 or earlier and you have Acrobat (or another PDF creation tool), you can export your design as a flattened PNG then create a PDF from the bitmap PNG file, then print from the PDF.