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    Wanna tutor intermediate student / beginner-level designer in Ai, Ps, Id, or Mu?

    Jennifer Mensink

      I currently have a tutor who has taught me photoshop in bi-weekly lessons for a couple months.  He mainly answers my questions and lends support when I get stuck completing projects for my Ux Design portfolio that's a work in progress.  We use WebEx or Skype screen sharing so he can do something in his screen in his CC app that I observe, and I can repeat the workflow with him watching in case I get stuck or want to know more about the process. I think I'm about to exceed his skills in Ps, and he's not very knowledgeable beyond the basics in Ai and Id.  He knows nothing about Muse, which sucks, because that's what I'm trying to use for web design.


      Anyone interested in tutoring 2 hours a week, whenever you're available using a screen-share app?  Anyone know someone who is?  I need someone who has an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.