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    Error message with month custom code "mmmm" - using Adobe Acrobat Pro


      I have set up a form, and I have used javascript in other pdf forms for the date field, with no problem. 


      In this pdf form, the date is broken out as " of the ___ day of _(Month)__, 20 __.  I set up a custom date format for each field.


      Day - custom format "dd"

      Month - custom format "mmmm"

      Year - custom format "yy"


      On the Page Properties Actions, I have set up to "Run a JavaScript":


      var f=this.getField("Day");

      f.value=util.printd("dd", new Date());

      var g=this.getField("Month");

      g.value=util.printd("mmmm", new Date());

      var h=this.getField("Year"); h.value=util.printd("yyyy", new date());



      I keep getting an error message though "Invalid date/time: please ensure that the date/time exists.  Field [Month] should match format mmmm"


      I'm not sure why I keep getting the error message.  Can anyone help?