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    Subpackage Merge for content-package-maven-plugin

    dscirto Level 1

      We are currently adding a package (acs-commons in this case) to our Maven project as a subpackage. We need that subpackage to "merge" instead of "replace" since subpackages get installed after the project package. This is our configuration for the content-package-maven-plugin:













                     <!-- From project/core module -->








                     <!-- Scripting console for Felix -->




















      I can't find any documentation about most of the configuration options. The documentation on the content-package-maven-plugin only provides you with the configuration options for each goal, but not how to use them. Within the <subpackage> configuration, is there a way to "merge" that package instead of the default "replace?" Or will the subpackage's own filter file ALWAYS dictate the behavior?