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    Layers panel behavior on external monitor


      Hi everyone,


      Since I began using an external monitor, about a month ago, I noticed a strange behavior when working with inDesign. The cursor flickers and slows down whenever I'm on top of the checkboxes in the Layers panel.


      Below you can find a short video capture that I hope helps illustrating the issue: If I move the cursor constantly in whatever way it responds smoothly (as expected), but once I reach those checkboxes the cursor gets kind of stuck in them.


      indesign_slow-flickering on Vimeo


      My system is an apple laptop running MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 with an external Dell U2515H connected to it.


      The behavior is the same with an external mouse or with the laptop's trackpad.


      Also I have to note that this (inDesign's Layers panel) is the only place where such thing happens. The rest of the app works correctly, plus all other apps installed on the laptop work well; so nowhere in the OS I can find anything similar happening.


      Finally, If I disconnect the external monitor, or if I move the Layers panel into the laptop's screen, then the cursor starts behaving nice and smoothly.


      Well. As you can imagine this behavior is very annoying. It does break down the speed of work, cause every time I have to activate or deactivate layers it takes me a few seconds to reach the desired checkbox, click it, and move away from the panel.


      So please, if anyone has any leads or any info regarding this issue I would really appreciate knowing about it.